Don’t Panic, Call Our Expert Structural Repair Team

If you’ve noticed a crack, bulge or dropped brickwork in a wall above a door or window opening, around your bay window or flank wall, the first thing to do is not to panic, it’s more common than you might imagine. The second thing to do is to call in the experts, PDS Building Services, as it always makes sense to check whether this could progress into something more serious.

We always offer an honest appraisal of the information sent to us. If your property doesn’t require our specialist structural repair techniques we will let you know. 

We always recommend what is best for the customer in terms of a suitable, cost-effective repair.

Failing Brickwork Repairs

PDS Building Services have been helping homeowners and commercial and public sector landlords with failing brickwork issues on their properties for over 20 years.

Our reputation in masonry repair and reinforcement has been built on the ability of our surveyors to promptly identify such issues and recommend the ideal remedial solutions, as well as our team’s ability to swiftly and cost-effectively resolve any brickwork remediation.

Failing Lintel Repair

If a failing lintel is becoming a worrisome problem, or if it is just one of a number of issues with the brickwork of your property – others that often accompany failing lintels are cracking brickwork, dropping arches and bowing walls – then call PDS Building Services. We’re industry leaders in masonry repair and reinforcement.

Sliding Doors

Reinforcing & Repairs to a Bowing Wall

If you notice a bowing wall at your property then it makes sense to have it checked out thoroughly by an acknowledged expert in the field.

PDS Building Services are leaders in all aspects of masonry repair and reinforcement.

With over 20 years of experience in Barsnley and South Yorkshire, there is little that we haven’t seen, so you can trust that whatever the issue with your bowing brickwork we will have the solution.

Repairs to Cracking Wall/Brickwork

If you have noticed cracks appearing on walls or in your property’s brickwork, it’s important to give yourself the peace of mind that’s only possible from having them checked out by a masonry specialist.

It may be nothing, but…

It may be nothing more than settlement, thermal movement, hygrothermal movement or frost action, requiring some remedial work to stabilise your building.

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